EZ-NetTools Mobile Websites

What’s a Mobile Website?

Mobile websites are simple webpages built for smartphones and other mobile devices. They are usually striped down versions of a main website, but can also have special features like the ability to have a call button on the website. Learn More »

Why Do I Need a Mobile Website?

Most desktop websites often have a set width, which forces the mobile device to shrink everything down. The result is tiny text that you can't read without having to zoom in. Mobile websites make it easier for customers to find you while on the go... Show me »

How Do I Make a Mobile Website?

With EZ-NetTools you can build your own mobile webpages. In just minutes, you can have a simple mobile page up and running.

How to Create a Simple Mobile Site »

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The Future of EZ-NetTools!

The Future is Mobile! Our new Home screen is now mobile friendly. Plans are in the works to make EZ-PageBuilder faster and easier to work with, no matter what device you're using.