New Mobile Templates!

To make it easier to build mobile websites, we are including mobile templates that do the foundation work for you. Here's how to use a template for your mobile webpage...

How to Get a Mobile Page Template

1. Open Page Builder

Login to your account, click the Construction Tools tab and click EZ-Page Builder

2. Choose New Page - Template

3. Choose Mobile Category

Click the dropdown labeled Template Category. Then Choose Mobile.

4. Select a Template and click the Continue at the bottom of the page.

Edit Title

1. Click the edit icon above the Title section.

2. Change Joe's Restaurant to your company name. Push Submit.

Note: Do not delete the <h1> tag, because you will loose the styling that goes along with the text.

Edit Phone Number

1. Click edit over the block with the phone number

2. Type in Your Phone Number, Highlight, and click the Link Icon.

3. Change the Phone Number to Your Own, and push ok

Note: Do not delete the tel: in front of the phone number. This is what tells the link to call this
number from your mobile phone.

4. Push Submit

Save Your Webpage

How To Create a Simple Mobile Website

Page 1 | Page 2

Add Basic Info About Your Company

10. Add a Simple Text Block

Click the green plus and then choose Text -Simple.

11. Write a Paragraph about Your company

Ask yourself: What would someone want to know about your company on the go?

Write something that is relevent to your customers.  Make it easy for them to contact you. Push Submit.

Add Meta information and Save

12. Edit Your Meta Tags

Click File > Meta Tags

13. Add Meta Tag Information

Add a Title:  This is what will show up on search engines and also in the title bar at the very top of your browser window.

Add a Description:  Add a short description of your page.  This will show up under your name in the search engines.

Click Submit.

14. Save Your File

Click File > Save As

15. Create a New Folder called mobile

Click the New Folder Icon,
Type “mobile” in the directory box.
Push submit.

16. Save Your File in the New Folder

Click on the new 'mobile' folder to open it. Then name your file 'index.html'

Go To Your Webpage

Go to your website (ie. and type /mobile at the end of your address. (ie: )

If you have problems, go into your file manager and check where you saved your page.  If you have questions, call technical support at 800-627-4780.

That's It!

The rest is just a matter of putting in your own content. What you decide to put on your site is up to you! But here are a few suggestions:

Possible Content:

  • Contact Info (Phone number, address, and email)
  • Hours of operation (Mon-Fri 8:00am -5:00pm)
  • Google map