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EZ-NetTools Mobile offers online web-building tools to help the average person build their own website without having to know HTML code.

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For a more professional look, our staff of web designers and builders can build you a custom mobile web page that matches your current site, while still taking advantage of what makes mobile webpages special!

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What's the Difference Between A Normal Website and Mobile Website?

Traditional websites generally have a set width.  When a mobile phone comes to one of these sites, it has to shrink the page down to make everything visible.  This works fine until you actually try to read or click on something. Users generally have to zoom way in and then scroll around to read content or click a on button.

Mobile Websites relieve this problem by simplifying layouts and using flexible widths.  They also avoid using columns, flash animation, and large file sizes that aren't conducive to mobile devices.

Here's The Breakdown