Blogs which were once considered to be nothing more that a personal diary of some lonely teenager or adult seeking companionship have developed into a very powerful medium for promoting your business. Blogs, including not only any that you own but the millions of blogs owned by others, offer the potential of unlimited exposure to business with a very minimal expense. Blog posting is the secret to this method.

By simply commenting on a few of the hundreds of blogs devoted to your product or service niche, your advertising budget will be reduced significantly. This task is easily handled by one of of employees at minimal cost or by you if you are a one person business, with just a few hours of effort on a weekly basis. Each comment left on a blog with a link back to your business site provides the potential for hundreds if not thousands of searches to your site.

The amazing aspect of this form of promotion is you are using blogs owned by others to freely promote your business. The secret to success in this type of promoting is to make sure you take the effort to search out blogs that cater to the type of potential customer that would be interested in your product or service. It goes without saying that you would be wasting your effort to promote fishing gear on a blog frequented by stamp collectors.

Because blogs have become so popular and are thriving, locating dozens in your related niche is normally a cinch. The chore is not finding blogs but taking the time to find the most active. It is a waste of time and effort to post on blogs with little or no activity. You would not waste your advertising budget purchasing ads in a newspaper with little or no circulation. The same applies to blog posting.

The greater the effort spent in posting to these niche blogs the more targeted traffic you will surely find visiting your company site. If you have not yet discovered this potential for inexpensive and potentially profitable method of advertising, consider the two main reasons why this technique works so well.

Tell People Who You Are And How You Can Help Them

Millions of dollars are spent every day just to let potential customers know that a business exists and what it offers. Getting information to your targeted potential customers is key. If your business produced or sold fishing tackle then you would usually be forced to purchase newspaper, magazine, TV, radio or other expensive promotions to promote your product or service. Instead of this expensive and questionable advertising you will be searching for related blogs as mentioned above.

Make sure that the posts you are contributing are providing useful tips, techniques and answers to questions asked on these blogs. Do not try to be overbearing or salesy. A soft approach is the best. Offer Solutions And Valuable Information To Attract Customers As mentioned above do not come off as pushy or salesy. If bloggers perceive your posts as just advertisements your posts will be disregarded or even deleted. Simply find a comment or question that has been asked and respond with a comment or answer of your own.

If you have done this properly members will surely click on your signature link to see if you might have more useful information at your site. Don’t look at this technique as instant sales although this is certainly possible. Rather consider the long term possibilities you will gain as your name and your companies name become readily recognizable over time as you add more and more posts.

The real effectiveness of this technique can be realized with no more than an hour a day spent searching out and posting on the proper blogs. An employee with minimal computer and writing skill can easily perform this service for you or you could outsource to inexpensive outside experienced people. There are many college students who would love to have this type of work. Perhaps you have a family member who would be ideal. Amazing Posting

Keeping Long Term Contact With Potential Customers

An added advantage of blog posting over conventional advertising is the long lasting exposure that is possible. A newspaper ad or a TV commercial might be seen once or twice and then quickly forgotten. To be successful in traditional marketing businesses must continually produce and purchase additional ads to maintain exposure.

However a series of blog posts can provide exposure to an increasing audience over many years. If your ad budget is growing without producing the results you have expected or needed you would do well to investigate the potential value of blog posting as discussed in this article and discussed in greater length and detail at other locations.