While the basics of any wedding are the same, (bride and groom, fancy dress, flowers… ) your special day should be a reflection of who you are. hemp gummies reviews Canada You want guests to remember the day as one full of love, celebration, and personal style! And since more time is spent celebrating at the reception, rather than in the actual ceremony, why not let your table décor be a focal point for letting everyone see just how special and unique you and your new husband are!

Need a few ideas… ?

For weddings that are either slightly less than formal or even casual, inexpensive glass containers filled with dried beans or peas, candy corn, peppermints, jellybeans, gummy candies, or gum balls are festive and easy to make. Other ideas for filling your containers include sand and seashells or even live fish. Depending on what you fill the containers with, you can scatter greenery (real or artificial), glitter, polished rocks, faux jewels, or even votive candles around the outside of the glass containers.

Going green is all the rage in food, clothing and house wares, so why not wedding centerpieces? Wicker or grass baskets of fruit, fresh flowers, gourds and pumpkins or autumn leaves are pretty, easy to make and don’t cost a lot. Another fun idea for spring and summer weddings is to line the baskets with plastic, fill with soil, plant grass or flower seeds (or both). NOTE: You’ll need to do this several weeks prior to the wedding. Going green could also be interpreted as having ‘useful’ centerpieces. These might take the form of veggie and dip towers, crystal cake stands filled with pastries or wedding cake or fruit baskets; all of which are intended to be eaten during the reception.

What about those of you who are planning an evening or more formal wedding and reception? DIY doesn’t automatically mean cheap or crafty-looking. But when it comes to a more formal look and you are doing things yourself, I have three words for you: candles, glass and tulle. Fill the tables with swirling tulle in white, champagne or another soft color that coordinates with your color scheme. Add glass bowls or mirrors on which you fill with candles of varying sizes and heights. The candlelight and tiny, clear Christmas lights around the perimeter of the reception hall are all the light you’ll need.

The internet is a valuable source for ideas as well as supplies that will allow you to create unique wedding centerpieces. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box-have fun and make the day something you will look back on with nothing but happy memories.