Normally the articles I write deal with sports, photography, or sports  russia ukraine news memorabilia preservation. Now, given that the Beijing Olympics are in progress, the general assumption is that I have an unlimited number of topics to discuss. Needless to say this article is about a different topic occurring in the news. This topic actually affects my life and the lives of the people that I hold dear in my heart. The problem is that over a week ago Russian troops invaded The Republic of Georgia. I must say that this is going to be the topic of my latest opinionated article.

The Republic of Georgia, as I am assure that you are all now aware, is a small country that borders southern Russia and the Black Sea. After the fall of the Soviet Union this small country started down the path of becoming a democratic pro western nation. This small nation has many obstacles to overcome and their concept of democracy and freedom are still mildly influenced by the many years of tyranny forced upon them by an oppressive super power. I can even understand that some may believe that it is these very flaws and influences in their democratic process are reason enough for inaction on the part of the western nations. I must say that I completely disagree with this sentiment. It is for those exact reasons that the west must react. The process of becoming a democratic nation is not an overnight process and takes many decades to accomplish. Look at even the turmoil during the first fifty years of the United States. George Washington himself was concerned that their new found independence was at risk of a civil war that would tear the country apart. Freedom is an ideal that must be achieved by any country desiring it and it is the duty of the free nations of the world to defend that right using any means necessary.

The time for rhetoric is over Russia is not listening to the idle threats of the west. I am aware that American troops are spread to thin with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. A military stance is currently outside of the power of the United States but where are the other free nations of this world. I do agree that sanctions, expulsion from the G8, and damaging their WTO status are severe punishments but at this point I do not believe that Russia even care. We could certainly go the route of allowing the inclusion of the Republic of Georgia and the Ukraine into NATO. Alas it is my believe that this would not work either. As long as the free nations of the world would rather serve their own best interest than defending those the ideals of those freedoms I am afraid I shall hold little hope for the future of mankind. After all can you imagine where the world would be if men of my grandfathers generation worldwide would have turned their backs and ignored the price of freedom during WWII. At least they understood freedom and gave the world hope.