The best Hunter race on the Horde side for PvP is a bit of a trickier question than when looking at Alliance Hunter race choices. For one there are four races on Horde to  choose from, one greater than Alliance, and two of these races offer some really serious Hunter abilities that should be considered pretty closely.

The choices for Hunter race on the Horde side are Troll, Tauren, Orc and Blood Elf. A couple of these are pretty good and the other two are sort of so-so.

The Blood Elf has the Arcane Torrent ability that allows them to silence all enemies close to them for a bit and, at the same time, gives them a quick mana restore as well. Can be useful however the ideal place for a Hunter is far away from his enemies, not close. Handy in a pinch. Secondly Blood Elves has a passive Magic Resistance that drops the chance they will be hit by enemy spells by a couple points. This one is very handy in PvP.

The Tauren make decent hunters and, lets face it, they look pretty cool. Their War Stomp ability is a quick stun that is helpful when you get jumped, the Endurance trait boosts hit points which is always nice as Hunters can be a tad squishy and there is a passive Nature Resistance of two percentage points that reduces the chance spells from that tree will actually land on you.

Now, the two Hunter races that are the most popular. First up, The Troll. The Troll Hunter has the advantage of several handy talents: Berserking provides a 20% boost to attack speed for 10 seconds. As burst damage is critical in Hunter PvP play this is really good stuff. The Regeneration ability boosts healing by 10% and you get additional 10% healing even during combat…makes a Troll tough to take down. Bow Specialization increases crit chance by 1% which is similar to the Dwarf Gun Specialization on the Alliance side. The Voodo Shuffle reduces slowing effect on the Troll by 15% which is awesome. As a Hunter your enemies are going to try to slow you up so you can’t get out to range. Anything that helps prevent this is a huge help. Finally there is Beast Slaying which gives you some bonus damage against beasts (fun when up against a Druid in animal form).

On the other hand there is the Orc. Probably the favorite Horde Hunter race out there and arguably the best race for Hunter PvP. Blood Fury and Hardiness increase your attack power and reduce the duration of stun effects on the Hunter. Super handy stuff…you hit harder and can move more easily. Command is fantastic as it boost your pets damage by 5%…Orc Beast Masters love this. Finally Axe Specialization boosts your effectiveness with axes by a good amount which is really useful when the Hunter finds himself in melee.

So, which hunter race is the best? For many the real choice is between Orc and Troll but I encourage you to try them all out for yourself. Roll some alts, try the different racial abilities out and see which ones best suit your playing style!