Garden compost bins allow for the making of compost that will keep the home garden rich and productive for years to come. In fact the garden of a good composter should be in far better shape when it is left to the next landowner than when it was first acquired. While composting is a very natural system of helping things rot, home composting bins are frequently characteristic of the people who own and often make them. As we consider compost bin construction, we might consider if it will be fancy like a sports car or more functional in its simplicity like a utility vehicle.

Our criteria for building should be that the finished bin be functional, at least three sectioned for efficient use, and made of recycled or ecologically sound material. Two materials at either end of the spectrum are cement blocks and pallets.

Cement blocks can be used for the sports car model. Typically they are made from replaceable materials kompostownik z palet and can often be found as recycled materials. In making a garden compost bin they serve as a measuring device as well since they are usually 16″ x 8″ x8″. This is in fact nominal. They are actually about 3/8″ short of these dimensions to allow for mortar but the full inches are close enough for our purposes.

Leaving about 3″ between blocks for air space and staggering the piling for strength, thee blocks deep two blocks wide will allow for a space about 4 feet by 3 feet. Three blocks high gives a 2 foot deep compost bin and 4 gives 32 inches. Adjust for the height of the person who will toss compost over the sides of the bins.

Pallets can be used for a more utilitarian garden compost bin. They are thrown out by the millions all over North America and can be used for a variety of purposes. Usually they are too high for a compost bin and likely have a broken slat. A few minutes with a circular saw will cure the length and give extra material for repairing broken slats. These can be nailed or lashed together to make a bin with three compartments for great garden compost.